Mayfield Garden

Mayfield Garden

Recently we took our second trip out to Mayfield Garden. From Medlow Bath the drive through the countryside is beautiful so the hour and twenty minute drive feels short.

Overlooking Mayfield Garden

Located about fifteen minutes from Oberon, Mayfield Garden consists of a public and a private garden. The public garden comprises of 36 acres of immaculate and stunning garden. It is open every day from 9:00am until 4:30pm. The private garden extends out to 160 acres and is open for short periods throughout the year.

A forest of Silver Birch at Mayfield Garden

The land was originally purchased as a working farm and weekend retreat. Following many years of hard work a section of the 5,000 acre farm has since been turned into a magical wonderland. It has been developed through the vision of the owner Mr Garrick Hawkins who has turned part of the farm into a true masterpiece. Mayfield Garden first opened to the public in 2008 and now employs sixty full time locals.

Sculptured trees lining the driveway  

Sections of the garden take on a formal architectural form with other sections more free flowing. Regardless of your preference you cant help but be impressed with the scale and effort that has been put into creating this place.

Formal garden

  Zig zagging hedge

The plants and trees are set out in a way that creates a beautiful red, green, yellow and orange pallette. On a wet Autumn day the colours still offer a spectacular display. You will need a few hours to fully explore this wonderful place. Also for a bit of fun don’t miss the maze that has been built in the private garden.

Autumn trees next to the creek.

The red green yellow and orange colours of Mayfield Garden in Autumn.

Part of Mayfield Garden in Autumn

Open every day is the Cafe & Produce store. The produce has mainly been sourced from the orchard, herb garden and chook shed therefore offering an incredibly fresh menu. The garden also has its own nursery so you are able to purchase a range of cool climate plants.

Events at Mayfield

The Mayfield Garden Spring Festival will be held from the 14th of October until the 29th of October. Regular events are held at the garden so take a look at their website at

The garden is well and truly worth a visit. It will certainly continue evolving so if you miss it this year plan ahead for the 2018 openings. 

Hand built grotto